The Responsible Regulation Alliance (RRA) is a nonprofit organization working to advance responsible regulation of the cannabis industry in Massachusetts. We are currently working with individuals and organizations well-versed in state-based cannabis regulation to produce memos and offer insights throughout the rule-making process for the Commonwealth's adult-use cannabis system. To carry out the day-to-day work of the organization, RRA has retained Tremont Strategies Group and VS Strategies

Tremont Strategies Group is a Boston-based public affairs and government relations firm that has been working in the cannabis field since the Commonwealth passed Question 3, which granted patients access to medical marijuana. VS Strategies is a Denver-based lobbying and public relations firm whose principals have collectively spent decades enacting and shaping cannabis laws and regulations around the country. RRA also receives valuable insight and guidance from the Massachusetts office of the Vicente Sederberg law firm.

In order to carry out its work, RRA is dependent upon the financial support of individuals and entities, including Massachusetts cannabis business, committed to sensible cannabis regulation. The following  Massachusetts companies are supporting — and helping to guide — our work through their participation on the RRA Advisory Board:

  • Apothca, Inc. (Founding Member)

  • Bask Cannabis (Founding Member)

  • Mayflower Medicinals (Founding Member)

  • Natural Selections (Founding Member)

  • 1906

  • Acreage Holdings

  • Nature's Remedy

  • Trichome Health

If you are interested in joining this list of companies and advancing RRA's mission, please contact us today.